The Facts of Life is a complete library that every pro-lifer will find essential. It consists of 4,000 documents, all hypertexted and laid out in a logical, easy to navigate format. It includes:

1. The Pro-Life Library ―The Facts of Life, which consists of more than 5,000 pages covering all pro-life and related topics; the complete 267-article Culture of Life 101 series; the complete text of all 24 years of Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review; more than 10,000 Culture of Death quotes on 31 topics; and documentation on more than 12,000 incidents of pro-abortion violence.

2. The Pro-Life Missionary Training Program ― a self-study three credit hour college-level course on pro-life activism that you can learn at your own pace. It covers 22 sessions on all of the above topics in addition to a detailed treatment of the theology and dignity of the human person. Completing this 80-hour course will give you the equivalent of from three to five years of pro-life experience and knowledge.

3. An introduction to getting involved in pro-life activism, including all the information you need to know to defend against the attacks of the Devil and the Culture of Death.