An engaging and informative work on the origins of anti-Catholic dissent and its subversive consequences. In this work Dr. Clowes gives Catholics basic information on the theory of dissent and dissenters, and practical information on how to organize and defeat them. “Dr. Brian Clowes…unmasks, with hard hitting facts and commentary, what is often disguised as a sincere effort to “renew” the Catholic Church, showing the hidden agenda and poison fruit which the noisier dissenters never tire of offering to their unsuspecting victims.” – The Most Reverend Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska


This enhanced CD by Dr. Brian Clowes contains the text of his book Call to Action or Call to Apostasy and Catholics for a Free Choice Exposed.  Eleven Encyclicals dealing with dissent including “On the Doctrine of the Modernist” by Pope St. Pius X and “The Splendor of Truth” by Pope John Paul II.  It also has a spreadsheet showing the number of Catholics, diocesan priest, religious sisters and ordinations for every year since 1954.

In this talk Dr. Clowes lays out in 6 steps how to take back the church from dissenters.

1. Acquire the right attitude

2. Identify dissenters

3. Study their beliefs

4. Study their tactics

5. Take action against them

6. Properly catechize and evangelize our children